Use this form for any questions or issues with using this site. You can also use this form to request that some or all pictures of you be removed from the site. PiXiSport does everything in its power to enforce and respect the privacy of all event participants. However, please note that it is nonetheless impossible for us to guarantee that NO pictures of you remains in the system (if it was impossible to index you on a picture, it might be almost impossible to find and remove that pictures -- but we will try our best).
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Enter your order number if applicable and/or known.
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If you need help in finding your photos, please provide us with your bib number.
For a removal request, please fill-in the details below (Event / Gallery, bib number, event date, picture filename, etc)
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If known, enter the bib number used to retrace your pictures. You may enter more than one as well, separating each with a comma (ex: 123,678,1599).
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In the case of a partial removal (specific pictures),
enumerate the picture files to be removed (ex : 220301_11234.jpg), one per line.
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Please provide us with all the details to help in resolving the issue / request.
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